Update 24th of June 2016

Dear applicants,

there is less than one week left till the deadline of the third IFLA Europe Youth competition.
We recommend you to send your entries as soon as possible. Please in order to avoid any inconvenience check carefully the rules better twice ;).
Should the application be sent on last minute and being incomplete we ask for understanding we will not report it back to you. All eligible applications should be published till the 5th of July.

Good luck !

Extension of the deadline ! 14th of June 2016
Dear applicants, the deadline has been extended. Enjoy the two next weeks to perfect your submission ! NEW DEADLINE: 30th of June (for the People Choice’s award 15.07.2016)

IFLA EU Youth competition 2016_extension

Launch of the competition, April 2016

IFLA Europe proudly announces the launch of its Young Professionals Competition on the theme „Futurescapes, Re-thinking Urban landscapes”.The competition is open to entries from 10th April. The deadline for submitting contributions is 15th June 2016. The results will be announced in September 2016.

IFLA EU Youth competition 2016_Small

Please read the conditions on the following pages and have a look at the previous editions!

Update Beginning of March 2016

As promised you can find below the competition jury’s report on the following link: IFLA EU Youth Competition_2015_juryreport.
We are working hard in order to present you the third edition. See you soon with more information !

Update Januar 2016

We wish all colleagues and not only landscape architects, but also all the one striving for a better living environment a wonderful year 2016 !
You will find soon on this page the competition jury’s report.
We are working on the timetable and will come soon back to you with the key datas about the third competition’s edition !

Update October 2015

Dear colleagues and participants,
we have the great pleasure to announce the winners of the edition 2015 of the IFLA Europe Youth competition !

In the category (A) Projects Morgane le Bissonnais and Timothée Verdeau won the first price with the project Framework in progress.
Street Garden from Segal Lotem (2nd price) and Climate responsive from Rick Lensink (3rd price) have caught our attention as well.

The first price for the category (B) Sites went to Gerwin de Vries for the project Sprenckpark.
Sol Square received the 2nd price (Elisenda Lurbes Soriano, Alexandre Puig Flamerich, Ana Quintana Zazurca, Sergi Romero Moreno, Giorgia Sgarbossa)

And not to be forgotten, as already announced on facebook, Nora Hegyi won the People Choice’s award for the project Tree Rings, a story to tell.

Thanks for your interest and all your applications and don’t forget the next edition during the spring 2016 ;)
Update 15/09/06 Youth competition is now ended.  We would like to ask you for your support, give your opinion and determine the People’s Choice Award ! This will be the page with most “likes” at 12 midnight CET 20.09.2015 on our facebook page
Update 15/08/25 IFLA Europe is really proud of the interest for the Youth Competition from all over Europe. However we want to advise again that any application which would not fulfill the rules mentionned on the website and not be accompagned with an application form will NOT be considered. Thank you and good luck! ——————————————————————————————————————————————–

IFLA Europe proudly announces the launch of its Young Professionals Competition on the theme „Use of trees and vegetation in the design and construction of resilient urban areas”.The competition is open to entries from 15th June  2015. The deadline for submitting contributions is 1st September 2015. The results will be announced in September 2015.

IFLA EU Students & Young Professionals Competition gives you a chance to share your projects, ideas and sites with landscape architecture practitioners throughout Europe. The competition aims to help up and coming designers to get exposure for their projects and work. Any European landscape architect (a student or a professional under the age of 35) can submit their “page” to the catalogue. This will exist both online and in a printed format. The “page” is your competition entry. For the details on the competition please refer to the rules and regulations.

Read more about the competition topic :

The brief of the competition is to produce a design based submission which describes the use of plants and vegetation, and in particular trees, in the creation of resilient urban areas. The use of the term resilient is used in the sense that the planting of vegetation and trees  forms part of the means by which urban areas may react to the changing climate and conditions of our planet. This may be in the form of helping to reduce temperatures, to assist in control of flooding whether planted in the urban area or the hinterland in order to be part of an attenuation or flood management, using suburban drainage systems or simply as a means to creating a healthier and more vibrant and human scale environment

The competition and the catalogue is divided into 3 categories:
Please click there for further information.

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