2016/ DANUBE CARAVAN Category A

Along the banks of the Danube in the heart of Budapest, a small outfall releases warm mineral water from a world famous spa located above. At the same time, the community and municipality debate how to ‘open’ the river banks to the city and allow citizens to ‘touch the water’.
The Danube Caravan is a proposal to utilize this unique water as the source of a new democratic public space where all citizens are welcome. The form is a 28 x15.5 metre open pontoon with a concrete hull covered by wood decking and a small sheltered mineral pool in the center constructed using wood shutters and a glass roof. The three aims of this project are adaptability, multifunctionality and self-sufficiency. The key functions and features of the design are:
+ A community driven process and operating model including workshops and local events.
+ Rotating shutters which allow the structure to serve as a warming shelter during the winter.
+ A movable structure linking neighbourhoods along the Danube.
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