2016/ Geometric Nature – Category A – Concept

The design is inspired by the abstract work of Piet Mondrian "Composition No.10". The design is constructed to be
harmonious through the main form, colours and details at the project. The main aim of the design is to incorporate modern sound to the surrounding environment and to design spaces that will bring the community of the private estate together. This connection is achieved due to simple geometric rules incorporated into the design.
The pergola with the barbeque area is the main communal area in Sofia park Villas private housing estate. The pergola is designed with metal frame and timber roof made of horizontal and vertical timber slats. The design of the area is modern and airy with a special accent to the sunlight and how it goes though the timber roof and reflects in the pergola. In the barbeque area there is an outdoor oven, seating spaces on tree of the corners of the pergola, decorations designed to lead the human eye and make the space more as an outdoor home. The central element of the pergola's roof is a cut out of a circle which is mirrored on the ground level with a big metal planter for herbs and spices which will be maintained from the community of the private estate. From the side of the barbeque area a small path with stepping stones planted with mosses and ferns lead you to the recreational zone. The recreational zone is a small pergola inspired by the Zen Japanese Pavilions. The minimalistic design of the pergola and the interconnected roof and sides make a visual harmony for the human eye and soothes the senses. The open front and back visually make the pergola part of the environment and make a stronger connection between the human and the nature.
Every element of the design is abstract and minimalistic but still designed to stand out as a part of the private estate. The casted shadows from the pergolas are a main feature that visually contributes to the designed area. The design of the elements, the use of the spaces, the sense for a high quality construction, the use of natural materials, the palette of fragrances and textures of the planting is the part of the design that makes the area usable from the community for all four seasons of the year. This is the place where they will feel comfortable, share secret, celebrate their happy and successful moment, this will be a connection point for the whole community of the area - this picture will stay with these people not just as a landscape but as a place that fills like home.
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