2016/ How to live on an island ? (Category C)

Living on an island is living in unsustainability in comparison to cities linked to a geological base. Our project implements rocky artefacts wich symbolize the will of man to stay in the lagoon facing whim of natural elements.

For one shape different uses : sitting , playground or observation tower. These forms are combined to form a protective belt around the island. Underwater this structure stop the waves generated by the passage of boats.
We created a networks of public places that highlights visual access to the waterfront. Vast green areas host various uses : stealth and rainwater treatment, park, etc. Shared gardens are provided to allow people to grow vegetables, fruits and cereals.

The floating neighborhood have the specificity to be in harmony with the water. Other neighborhoods are made of buildings on stilts. This architectural choice is not related to fear of flooding but rather to the idea of ​​creating a common ground floor, conducive to social life.
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