2016/ The Box by the river (B-Completed project)

After winning 1st place of the competition ‘Uncommon River’ our project was built for the opening of the annual One Architecture Week in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We wanted to create a shady and cozy atmosphere where locals could sit and enjoy the view across the Maritza river, which was the pure intention of the competition – to drive attention to the neglected river banks and to regenerate its Southern embankment. Without obstructing the natural habitat we encourage people to come and observe the surrounds of this quiet river embankment surrounded by peaceful timber slat work casting poetic, latticed shadow. Available budget for the construction was very limited therefore we had to be as creative as possible to be able to convey our ideas through to the end user. After several returns to the space we were quite pleased to have found out that the pergola was actively used and enjoyed by locals creating their new secret spot across the melancholic and forgotten area they reside in.
Entry One-pager: 2016_Hristo_Sofia
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