2016 / Waterfront Redevelopment Project – Natural Park of Ria Formosa, Category A

The proximity to the airport, which is the main point of arrival of tourists, and the proximity to “Ilha de Faro”, directly linked to beach tourism are the two important elements which is taken advantage to provide a sustainable tourism.

Through the concept Sustainable Transportation citizens can use more efficiently the different types of transport, in order to minimize the negative effects on the environment and improve people quality of life, reducing overcrowding and urban pressure that is felt on the "Ilha de Faro". It is intended that people use greener transport, for this is implemented an automatic bicycle rental, a more constant movement of city buses and rail system where an electric train is proposed to link the intervention area with the island.

There are several environmental concerns that the project proposes to answer, as the purification of water leached through various water retention basins before they come into contact with the water of the lagoon. Use of new technologies is a compelling way to improve environmental conditions, it is proposed solar panels for solar energy, Wi-Fi connection for internet access in order to inform users of the Natural Park of Ria Formosa and an automatic bicycle rental system through RFID technology.
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