2018 / Shape/Cultivate/Forge / A – Ideas

The design of our urban environments is often dictated by external sources and government organisations. The project aims to integrate people to the landscape at the most basic level by including them within the design process. The fundamental difference between this and a ‘Guerrilla’ style gardening is that it is conducted within constraints of a planned framework that will ensure longevity through adaptation of the wider landscape.

We are all aware of the benefits, both physically and mentally, of being exposed to nature. We are also becoming more informed of how small contributions can tackle ongoing challenges with climate change and sustainability. In addition, it has been proven that the level of exposure we have with nature growing up also directly correlates to the investment and significance we place on nature in later lives.

Ensuring the sustainability of landscapes also means encouraging people to get involved. The project considers how people like to engage. By using plants that are hardy and readily self-seed satisfaction can be seen in relatively short time frame; contributing and creating their own sense of place.
Entry One-pager: 2018_Rachel_Hayward
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