Energizing Industrial Landscape: Energy Park Design (Category A Conceptual project)

Duisburg Plant GNS treats nationwide processing of medium-level radioactive nuclear waste. Due to nuclear phase out in Germany, Duisburg Plant will close by 2019. The industrial surroundings where was MHD Sudamin zinc smelter contains amounts of nuclear and zinc pollutions.

In the project, a biomass process system is applied to the site to reform the facilities: Containers are reused as storage for biomass material; the plant is converted into biomass factory to process raw material; the existing railway can deliver biomass to the factory and three brownfields will turn into a new green park for residents. With biomass system as new program, the plants and vegetation in the park can not only decontaminate the site but also can be used for renewable energy to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas. Meanwhile the producing biomass energy can provide sustainable heat and electricity to neighborhoods.

Short Rotation Coppice(SRC) is coppice grown and a plantation characterized by a very short rotation as an energy crop. Through different rotation period, trees differ the park space continuously. For example, poplar is in a short rotation (1-3 years) and ash is in a longer rotation (10-15 years). In the design, they will be planted in the same area and grow in different speed. Due to the different rotation time, they will be removed for energy use in different years. Therefore, spatial difference can be experienced in the rotation design. With the biomass vegetation, the design developes renewable energy landscape to improve the living environment and the quality of life in this area.
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