“FRAMEWORK IN PROGRESS” – A Conceptual projects

Framework in Progress is a project presented for an international student landscape competition held at Thessaloniki, Greece, in 2014. The project won the first prize.

Reinventing the city, regenerating a territory, reclaiming a street is part of a global scale. Transformation processes are complex and are part of a long-time space continuum : an open temporality that goes beyond the decision time. Our posture is decidedly focused on the appropriation of this long-time space continuum in the regeneration of the street, it combines short and long terms interventions within the same area by combining landscape and time. The landscape should serve as a political lever in the territorial transformation, time as programmatic tool for the establishment of a real spatial strategy.
From the image of forestry, we chose to mark time continuum, especially the long time continuum through tree growth. This is to provide a foreshadowing landscape which immediately liven up the site and encourage its appropriation without sealing his fate instantly.
The trees frame provides, since its establishment, local landscapes that boost urban renewal by encouraging new urban practices that occurs chronologically - Greens rooms
Recovery of this urban axis allows reconnection to the territory through refitted hooks - The Uplands park
Urban entities are linked to each other and ensure continuity between the different urban areas and the surrounding environment.
The plant strategy focuses to recreate a series of local ecosystems adapted to each situation found along the street (topographic, geographic, sun exposition). The choice of plants is based on Greek Macedonia native species. Ecosystems are inserted deep into the different urban areas. In particular, the refertilization on impermeable surfaces - Recovery process on the military site and parkings.

Framework in Progress foresees courses of action that gradually rebalance the sharing of the street.

Framework in Progress stimulates and activates a process of urban reclaiming through sports, cultural and social events.

Framework in Progress suggests flexibility adapted to times of crisis, both in space and in time.

Timothée Verdeau & Morgane Le Bissonnais
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